The city council in Panama City Beach, Fla., enacted ordinances to curb partying after a “Hannity” special last year exposed the rowdy behavior at spring break.

This year, Sean Hannity sent Ainsley Earhardt back to Panama City Beach to see if these new rules had any effect.

“What have you seen at spring break?” she asked

“What have we not seen at spring break?” was the answer she got.

This Romeo-esque spring breaker called Ainsley "the most cutest girl I ever met in my life."

"I'm too old for you," she said.

"Don't worry, for love we have no age," he pointed out. 

"Are your parents OK with you being here?" Ainsley asked.

"[Expletive] my parents," this girl declared.

Earhardt told Hannity that what she saw this year was "worse than last year."

She said there was a lot of "Girls Gone Wild"-type footage that could not be shown, along with many explicit comments that could not be aired.

Earhardt said girls flashing their breasts on the beach is now considered "innocent" compared to the other things going on.

Many beachgoers were openly smoking marijuana.

She said one man was arrested with a big bag of Molly, another was caught with a large bag of pot, while police say heroin has become a big problem.

Watch the full video above. Tune in Saturday at 5p ET for a "Hannity" special on spring break.

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