Seven skiers were injured Saturday after a chairlift at a Maine resort suddenly stopped and began sliding backward down a mountain.

Martha MacCallum reported on "America's Newsroom" that more than 200 people were aboard the King Pine quad lift at the time of the accident. Some frantic riders jumped off the ski lift, while others were evacuated by ski patrol officials.

Sugarloaf Mountain Resort spokesman Ethan Austin said that four people were taken to a hospital, but none are believed to have life-threatening injuries, Fox News reported.

Officials said that the accident was a "rollback," in which riders were carried backward about 450 feet. 

Hank Margolis, a skier on the chairlift at the time of the accident, told MacCallum that he had to be rescued.

"I was riding single, which meant that I was joined by two people I had never met," he said. "We rode for about three or four minutes, the lift stopped and then lurched and then violently started accelerating backwards."  

"I've been skiing for over 40 years and have never experienced anything like that," Margolis added.  

This is the second chairlift incident at the resort in the last five years.

In 2010, eight skiers were hurt when a chairlift derailed, causing five chairs to fall 25 to 35 feet to the ground. 

Austin told Fox News that a preliminary investigation found that a "gearbox on the lift malfunctioned and effectively disabled two brake systems. A third backup brake also didn't deploy properly and a lift attendant pulled an emergency brake to bring it to a halt after chairs slid about 450 feet."

Watch video of the scary incident below.