Juan Williams slammed Snoop Dogg this evening after the rapper blamed former President Ronald Reagan for the rise of drugs and violence in Los Angeles in the 1980s.

Snoop Dogg told the Daily Beast:

Early in the ‘70s and toward the latter part of the ‘70s everything was beautiful because we had ways to have fun and communicate, and those who were underprivileged, the low economic side of life, the government would provide for us, which helped us get by. It was a society and we all needed it and we all had it and we all helped each other. Then when Reaganomics kicked in, certain things were taken away, after-school programs and things of that nature. Guns and drugs were shipped into the neighborhood. So it was a shift of having fun and playing football to selling drugs and shooting at each other.
Williams noted that Snoop Dogg is blaming Reagan, who was governor of California in the 1970s, back when Snoop Dogg himself said “everything was beautiful.”

“The Five” co-host charged Snoop Dogg with making pornographic movies, selling drug use as “totally legitimate," and making himself into a cultural icon who is widely accepted as the definition of “authentic black hip.”

“Not to me,” Williams said. “To me, this is another guy who has exploited black people.”

Williams said Snoop Dogg is using Reagan as a punching bag due to the rapper’s own failures and refusal to take responsibility.

Watch the fiery remarks above.

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