Here's a story that's sure to put a smile on your face.

Kentucky mother Asia Ford was inspired by her kids to lose weight, successfully dropping more than 200 pounds.

To celebrate that incredible accomplishment, she decided to run a 10K race.

About halfway through the 6.2 mile run, Asia grew tired and fell into last place. That's when an unlikely hero emerged to offer a helping hand.

Asia and Louisville Metro Police Officer Lt. Aubrey Gregory appeared on "Fox and Friends" this morning to share their story that's inspiring people all across the country.

"At mile marker four, I started to feel a little dizzy," Asia explained. "So I knew I had to slow down. I reached over to my son and I told him that I didn't feel real good, so I needed him to stay by me."

Asia bravely continued on, and that's when Lt. Gregory saw her and decided to help.

"When I saw Asia at mile four having breathing problems, I got out of the car and waved down the EMS guys. They came over and checked on her, and she was not going to quit," Gregory said.

He noticed that a short time later, at the four-and-a-half or five mile mark, she began to slow down again.

"I could see that she was having problems. That's when I got out of the car and I walked up to her. And she immediately took my hand, and we decided we weren't going to [quit], we were going to go all the way. And we finished it together," Gregory said.

"I wanted to finish, but my body just wasn't going," Asia explained. "And I can remember saying, 'God, if I only had a couple more steps.' And I looked to my left and this man - it's like God sent an angel - he took my hand when I needed it most, and he talked to my son and he talked to me and he walked us through."

"He wasn't going to let us finish by ourselves ... God sent him to make sure that we made it. And I'm just thankful."

Watch the inspiring "Fox and Friends" clip above.

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