Sean Hannity tonight asked Sen. Ted Cruz about ObamaCare, his famous filibuster and a New York Times article which called Cruz the most hated man in the Senate.

“ObamaCare has been the biggest disaster, the biggest train wreck,” Cruz said. “It has cost millions of Americans their jobs, forced them into part-time work, cost them their health care, their doctors. Their health insurance premiums are skyrocketing. And listen, the sad reality is an awful lot of Republicans both in Washington and outside of Washington are resigned to leaving ObamaCare in effect.”

Cruz predicted that a Republican president will repeal ObamaCare in 2017 and will then pass “common sense health reform” that “makes health insurance personal, portable and affordable.”

Cruz said that Republicans could have de-funded some of ObamaCare if the GOP had stood with him in his filibuster.

“I think at a minimum we would have provided meaningful relief for millions of people being hurt by ObamaCare,” he said.

Hannity then asked Cruz about a New York Times article calling him the most hated man in the Senate.

“When they say you’re the most hated man in the Senate, why is that? Why are some people in your party so against Ted Cruz and angry that you did the filibuster?” Hannity asked.

“When the New York Times says that the Washington elites despise me, my only question is whether I have to disclose that to the FEC as an in-kind donation,” Cruz quipped. “Frankly I can’t think of a better ground to run on.”

Watch the clip above.

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