Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) appeared on "Sunday Morning Futures" today to weigh in on where the U.S. stands with Iran regarding the Iranian nuclear program.

"This is one of the most consequential agreements that we will have in my lifetime and it does seem to me [that] the Congress of the United States or the treaty-ratifying branch of the Congress, the United States Senate, should have a say in this," Wicker said. "So, I'm skeptical. I don't think the Iranians have complied in the past with the minor agreements that they've made and I don't have much confidence that they will going forward. But I remain hopeful and I'm listening."

Wicker said he believes that the leadership in Iran is out to be an enemy to America, pointing out that Iranians were chanting "death to America" at a rally where Ayatollah Khamenei spoke yesterday.

"I do not trust a regime led by an ayatollah and a supreme leader that would tolerate that kind of rhetoric," Wicker stated.

As for the rift between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Wicker asserted that the U.S. must stand strong with Israel.

"I think the Obama administration got way ahead of itself in its rhetoric, and it's time for us to pull together with one of our closest allies," Wicker said.

Watch more from Wicker on "Sunday Morning Futures" above and see Eric Shawn report on the Iranian nuclear talks below.