The Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens tonight sounded off on President Barack Obama and his relationships with both Iran and Israel.

Stephens weighed in on Obama’s call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which reportedly did not go well.

“Obviously this president desperately wanted Benjamin Netanyahu not to be re-elected,” he said.

Stephens said that there’s a strategy of “strategic petulance” by this administration. He said Obama has a choice to make: will Israel be America’s ally or will he treat it as an adversary?

“Now you have a president who is treating Iran with greater sympathy and solicitude than he is treating Israel,” Stephens said.

Stephens also reacted to Obama’s video addressed to the people of Iran.

“This is a president who betrayed the hopes of young Iranians in 2009 when they had a revolution, when they were holding up signs in English saying essentially to the president, ‘help us,’ and he wasn’t prepared to lift a finger on their behalf back then," he said.

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