Parents are outraged after a Pennsylvania teacher was caught sleeping in her classroom full of students.

Cell phone pictures were taken by students at Truman High School in Bristol Township, showing the teacher with her head down on her desk.

Fox affiliate WTXF reported:

"Outrageous. The school taxes that we pay, and this is what we are paying for? There's time for a chance and I think it's coming real quick. That's outrageous," said one parent.

The pictures were posted on the Facebook group "Parents of Bristol Township Schools Pa." One photo is said to be snapped just two days ago during school hours. The teacher, whom we are not identifying, allegedly used her desk as a pillow.


FOX 29 took the matter up with Bristol School District administrators. Superintendent Dr. Sam Lee said in a statement quote: "The issue that FOX 29 has contacted our school district regarding is a personnel matter. Therefore, we are not at liberty to discuss it."