Would you go to the bachelor party of a man you’ve never met?

Joey DiJulio, of Burien, Wash., plans to, and it’s all due to an accidental email.

Groom-to-be Jeff Minetti misspelled a friend’s email address, which accidentally landed DiJulio on an email chain about Minetti’s bachelor party. After weeks of messages, DiJulio finally stopped being a fly on the wall. He chimed in to let them know he had been included on the email and said he hoped they had a great time.

That’s when Minetti invited DiJulio to both his bachelor party in Philadelphia and his wedding in New Jersey.

DiJulio wanted to see if this feel-good story of an accidental connection might inspire others, so he started a GoFundMe page to raise funds to cover the cost of a trip to the bachelor party.

Having met that goal within just 20 hours, he has now increased that campaign's goal with the hope of being able to use additional donations to help offset the costs of the Minettis' honeymoon to Italy.

Watch Trace Gallagher’s report above and check out DiJulio's GoFundMe page.

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