Sean Hannity tonight sounded off on President Barack Obama’s swipe at Fox News earlier this week.

Obama said during a speech in Cleveland that the media is splintered up and that viewers get “an entirely different reality” watching Fox News compared to MSNBC.

Hannity called Obama “President Crybaby” and charged him with “obsessing” over Fox News, though he hardly gives an interview with any of its journalists.

Hannity noted that the president has talked to YouTube star GloZell Green, made a video for Buzzfeed, and read mean tweets on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

“If I want an interview with the president, I need green lipstick, I need to take a bath in milk and Froot Loops,” Hannity quipped.

Juan Williams weighed in, saying that it’s “ridiculous” but that these interviews intend to appeal to Obama’s young base.

Breitbart editor John Nolte said that Obama would rather call his “enemies” names “than sit down as the president of all the United States and make his case to all of us.”

Watch the full segment above.

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