“Gender, race and climate: behold the three horsemen of the liberal apocalypse,” Greg Gutfeld said in tonight’s monologue.

Gutfeld said these three topics are designed not to start a national conversation, but to stop one.

Gutfeld said that you’re a bigot if you don’t agree that America is a racist country, you’re a sexist if you don’t see patriarchal victimization of all women, and you’re a climate change denier if you question faulty climate models.

“This crud persists due to an endless supply of enablers churning out tripe from their perches in the media, teachers’ lounges and sound stages,” Gutfeld said.

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He wondered: How can we kill off these horsemen?

“When race comes up, point out that a scab won't heal if you keep picking at it. And isn't it sexist to expect women to care only about gender? What about foreign policy, unemployment, immigration? Or is that just man stuff? And yes, climate does change, but the climate pause should give us all pause,” Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld said that he hopes we will all look back on this time years from now as if it were a bad dream.

“We used to be one country, we can be one again,” he said. “Let’s hope it’s not Greece."