It's been 10 years since Scott Peterson was sentenced to death for the murder of his eight-months-pregnant wife, Laci, and their unborn child.

There were 16,000 murders in 2002, but the tragedy that unfolded in Modesto, California, captivated the nation's attention more than any other case.

This weekend, Geraldo Rivera brings us a special one-hour look at the riveting case.

Rivera stopped by "Fox and Friends" this morning to preview the show, explaining the argument behind Peterson's death row appeal. 

In California, there must be an aggravating circumstance to impose a death sentence. Peterson is arguing that there was no aggravating factor in his case.

The court, however, ruled that the aggravating circumstance was the death of his unborn son, Conner.

Rivera said that Peterson's "dehumanizing" argument is that Conner's death cannot be an aggravating factor, since the baby wasn't born yet.

"It raises the hackles. It's creepy," Rivera said.

In the special, you'll hear from Amber Frey, who was revealed to be Peterson's mistress at the time, but ultimately helped bring him to justice.

Frey told Geraldo she was "in shock" and broke down in tears when she learned that her boyfriend was actually the husband of a missing woman. 

In the special, you'll also hear from Peterson's defense attorney and see the evidence that led to Scott’s conviction. Plus, Geraldo exposes the condemned man’s surprisingly privileged life in San Quentin prison.

"He's living in luxury. Unlocked cell door, plays basketball every day with his friends, strums the guitar. He lives the life of Riley on death row. They have cookouts. It is amazingly obscene," said Geraldo, predicting that Peterson will never be executed in California, which hasn't put anyone to death since 2006.

All that and more on “Geraldo Rivera Reports: Scott Peterson 10 Years on Death Row.” Tune in Saturday at 10p/1a ET and Sunday at 9p/12a ET.

Watch a preview above. 

UPDATE: Watch Geraldo's report on Peterson's prison life below.