A group of California firefighters went above and beyond the call of duty. 

Modesto firefighters and police officers responded to a medical aid call on Wednesday after an 89-year-old man suffered a heart attack while mowing his lawn. 

Sadly, emergency responders weren't able to revive the man and he died at the scene. 

But what the firefighters did next, took the family by surprise. 

A photograph posted to the Modesto Police Department's Facebook page showing Capt. Matt Curless, engineer Dan Quirarte and firefighter Rod Riley finishing the man's yardwork is going viral.

Modesto fire Chief Sean Slamon said that he wasn't surprised by what his staff did. 

"The nice thing is our fire stations are in the neighborhoods,” Slamon told the Modesto Bee. “We become a part of the community.”

Slamon also said that one of the police officers worked really hard with the family to have the body released to the funeral home and not taken to the morgue. 

“One of the things why I love working in Modesto is that we go above and beyond,” Slamon said. “Our motto is ‘We care,’ and we do.”