Justin Bieber is being sued for emotional distress by the former neighbor whose home he egged last year.

The pop star pleaded no contest to the egging incident and was sentenced to probation. He also paid more than $80,000 in repairs for the damage.

Now, his ex-neighbor Jeffrey Schwartz alleges that he and his wife were “terrorized” by Bieber in the nine months leading up to the egging incident. The suit claims that Bieber had loud parties, held drag races and even spat on Schwartz. It says he was threatened, harassed and intimidated by Bieber and his employees.

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In one incident, Schwartz claims that he told Bieber to slow down while driving in the neighborhood. Schwartz says Bieber’s bodyguards had to hold the pop star back as Bieber threatened to kill Schwartz. Bieber’s bodyguard allegedly called Schwartz “Jew boy” repeatedly, the suit claims.

Schwartz claims that even Bieber’s fans – or “Beliebers” – threatened him online.

The pop star sold that home to Khloe Kardashian a few months after the egging incident.

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Bieber’s publicist has not commented on the lawsuit.