A disabled Army veteran in Florida came to the defense of a pregnant woman who was being assaulted by two men.

Joshua Anderson was fishing underneath the Jensen Beach Causeway in Port St. Luci when he witnessed a fight between two homeless men, Brett Jowers and Zachery Sly, WPTV reported.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder stated that during the March 17th fight, Jowers attacked Sly's pregnant girlfriend and pushed her onto the ground.

That's when Anderson, who has an unspecified disability, immediately jumped in to help save the pregnant woman.

The two men began threatening Anderson and one of them pushed him. He told them that he had a gun and that they should back off. 

WPTV reported:

But the sheriff says the two didn't leave him alone, and that's when he shot them both in the torso.

"You don't have an obligation to allow yourself to be attacked," the sheriff says.

After the shooting, Anderson then called 911 to alert authorities about what happened.

"Due to his disability, he would not be able to fend off an attack from both males, especially considering that one was somewhat larger than he was," Snyder says.

Both men are in an area hospital in critical condition.

Martin said that Anderson won't be charged with a crime in the incident, because this was a "justifiable use of force."