The frightening moment a boiler exploded in a children's playroom was captured on video by a nanny cam. 

The video shows an empty room containing various toys, balls and a deflated kid-size indoor blow-up house. 

After a few moments, the wall in the Bellingham, Washington home can be seen exploding, sending shrapnel, nails, drywall and other dangerous debris flying into the room. 

Homeowner, Chris Renoud said that his family is lucky to be alive.

"It just really hit me how absolutely close of a call this had been. I could see my husband and child playing in that room right before the blast. My daughter's room is right above the blast zone," Chris' wife, Anne-Marie Faiola, said.

The couple's 3-year-old daughter Lily and the nanny were in the house at the time of the explosion.

"My daughter was sleeping just above the boiler," Chris Renoud said.

He and his 4-year-old son had just left the home roughly 15 minutes prior to the blast.

Fire investigators determined the boiler malfunctioned.