Monica Crowley raised the question today of whether Hillary Clinton was using her private email server in order to run a rogue intelligence operation while she was secretary of state. 

Crowley told Martha MacCallum this morning that Clinton must answer questions about the contents of emails between her and Sidney Blumenthal. 

Crowley described Blumenthal as the Clintons' longtime "political hitman."

She recalled that President Obama denied Clinton's 2009 request to bring Blumenthal into the State Department. 

Crowley explained that a hacker called "Guccifer" then unearthed messages in 2013 from Blumenthal to Clinton's email account.

The screenshots of Clinton's inbox were then published by Gawker, which alerted the State Department that Clinton was using a private address.

Crowley said the emails, if proven authentic, must be investigated. One communication allegedly involved the Benghazi attack and was sent on Sept. 12, 2012, the day after.

"Allegedly Mr. Blumenthal was sending the secretary of state emails related directly to intelligence operations like Libya, like Algeria. He claims to be in contact with French security officials and others. If these emails are real and accurate, then that pieces together a very intriguing possibility," said Crowley. 

Crowley said the only reason Clinton could have had this private email server was to "conceal her communications" and to "keep things away from the president."

Crowley said if these emails were not real, she thinks Clinton would have said so by now. 

"In true Clintonian fashion, the story disappeared after [2013]. ... If in fact this were the real reason why she had this private server, that would explain why she's been so dodgy and defensive."

Watch the discussion above and read her full Washington Times piece, here. Plus, hear more from Monica on this, tonight at 10p ET on "Hannity."

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