Students at a Utah high school came up with an interesting way to highlight the gender pay gap.

The Young Democrats Club at Jordan High School in Salt Lake City were trying to highlight the pay gap between men and women by charging boys more money for the cookies they sold. 

They used the price discrepancy to demonstrate the statistic that on average, women earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man.

Boys who purchased cookies were charged $1.00, while girls were only charged 77 cents. 

The club's president, Kari Schott, said that she doesn't think it's fair that she could get paid less in her future career because of her gender. 

Some students bought the cookies to show their support, but others gave the group negative reactions in person and on social media. 

"A lot of people were angry, they would try to get into fights with me," Schott told The Salt Lake Tribune.

Despite being called sexist by some students, Schott said that she's really proud of what the group did.

The club raised about $150 in the two-day sale.