Dramatic footage is coming out of Tunisia this morning after a terror attack on a famous museum killed at least eight people. 

Officials say the victims include seven foreign tourists and one Tunisian after gunmen stormed the museum in the capital.

The footage (above) shows people running from the scene as security forces move in. As many as 40 people were reportedly taken hostage.

It's unclear whether the attack is linked to ISIS, which has recently destroyed museums in northern Iraq. 

There's no claim of responsibility at this point, but one of the top ISIS commanders in Tunisia was killed over the weekend in Libya. 

The Bardo Museum in Tunis is adjacent to the country's parliament building and is a popular among tourists.

UPDATE, 11a ET: The death toll has since risen to at least 19 and the country's prime minister says two or three gunmen may still be on the loose.

UPDATE, 12p ET: Two gunmen were killed by security forces in the museum. Three more militants, who acted in a supporting role in the attack, are said to be at large. More than 20 injuries have been reported.

UPDATE, 2:25p ET: Tunisia's Interior Ministry says two alleged gunmen on the loose have been caught.

The death toll has risen to 22, including two of what is believed to be five total gunmen. 17 victims were foreign tourists. 50 additional people were hurt.

No one has claimed responsibility yet for the attack.

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