Donald Trump went “On The Record” tonight to discuss his launch of a presidential exploratory committee.

Trump said he’s very serious about running for president in 2016. He said that something must be done with the country or else we won’t have one left.

“Our country is in very, very serious trouble,” he said.

Trump plans to give speeches in New Hampshire tomorrow, where he expects “record-setting crowds.” Trump said he always draws large crowds because people understand what he stands for.

If Trump becomes president, he said he won’t be “ripped off” by China or by Mexico, which “breaks our border and sends people right through like it’s a railroad train.”

Greta Van Susteren asked Trump: If you were president, would you have called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about his win?

Trump said that Obama should have called Netanyahu already, “but there’s a great hatred right there, and it’s ridiculous.”

“The level of animosity between the president and Netanyahu is incredible […] the worst thing that ever happened to Israel is Obama,” Trump said.

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