The hit FOX show "Empire" gets ready to conclude its amazingly successful first season tonight with a highly anticipated two-hour finale.

"Empire," which has averaged 15 million viewers in its debut season, stars Terence Howard as record label honcho Lucious Lyon.

Taraji P. Henson stars as Cookie Lyon, Lucious' wife who gets out of prison and tries to reclaim her stake in the company. 

On the latest edition of "In the FOXlight," Michael Tammero sat down with Henson and her on-screen nemesis, Grace Gealey.

Henson told Tammero she knew when she saw the first script that the show would be a hit. 

"I knew it was amazing. I knew if it was handled properly it would change the face of television," she said. 

Henson said when playing Cookie, she is trying to show the "why" behind the character's behavior. 

"When you play bigger-than-life characters, you have to base them in reality. And keep them grounded so that it doesn't become too big. Because then people don't care," she said.

Gealey, who plays Anika Calhoun, said initially she had no idea what her character would turn into. 

"I was taken aback. When I read some of the stuff they were writing in, I was like, she does what?! Noooo," said Gealey. 

Tammero asked where Cookie's "boo boo, kitty" line came from. 

Gealey said it's originally from "Laverne & Shirley," but said it was the "brilliance" of Henson to add the line because it was not in the script. 

As for tonight's finale, Gealey said that "everyone goes berserk." 

Watch the interviews above and tune in to "Empire," tonight at 8p ET on FOX.