We know the Fox Business Network hosts and reporters are at the top of their game when it comes to stocks, but what about the brackets? 

Since everyone has a touch of March Madness right now, we thought we'd give you a glimpse of what your favorite FBN personalities are forecasting for the Final Four. 

Maria Bartiromo is putting a lot of stock in St. John's.

Picking against your alma mater? Melissa Francis might be hearing it from her fellow Harvard alums. 

Kennedy is pulling for the Kentucky Wildcats.

Everyone (so far) has picked undefeated Kentucky to make the Final Four except for Liz Claman, who has Wichita State pulling off the upset. 

Lou Dobbs predicts the Fighting Irish will upset the Wildcats.

Stuart Varney thinks Villanova will win.

Win or lose, Nicole Petallides definitely has the happiest looking bracket. 

See more picks from Connell McShane, John Stossel and Ashley Webster below!

What's your prediction for the upcoming NCAA Tournament?