Brit Hume tonight sounded off on the response to Hillary Clinton’s email controversy, remarking that nothing about the State Department’s handling of it inspires confidence.

Hume noted that the media asked days ago about whether or not Clinton signed OF-109, a document which certifies that an outgoing employee has handed over all relevant documents to the State Department. Hume said that’s the kind of question that an information officer should be able to answer in a matter of hours.

Hume speculated that perhaps the State Department decided to take some time to get its story straight.

“When you see the way this information keeps coming out in little installments days after questions are asked, it makes you wonder,” he said.

The State Department says there’s “no record” of Clinton signing the form. Meanwhile, Clinton’s spokesperson declined to comment on whether she had signed OF-109.

Megyn Kelly told Hume that the follow-up question must be whether or not Clinton was asked to sign OF-109 or if she was asked to verbally certify that she returned all records to the State Department.

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