"Fox and Friends" highlighted this morning what seemed to be a gloomy reaction by the mainstream media during last night's coverage of Benjamin Netanyahu's election victory in Israel.

On NBC, Lester Holt referred to the possibility of an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement being "destroyed," while Andrea Mitchell said Netanyahu's win could "end peace with the Palestinians." 

CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen reported from Jerusalem that there was "not a lot of optimism" after Netanyahu's victory, since the prime minister opposes the creation of a Palestinian state. 

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee reacted this morning, calling the reaction on the networks "ridiculous" and "out of touch" with the reality on the ground in Israel. 

Huckabee said the two-state solution has been proposed by both Democrats and Republicans, but agrees with Netanyahu that it won't work. 

"You [would] have two governments trying to exercise authority over the same piece of real estate. It never was sensible. It's not gonna work and the sooner we all recognize that it's not going to work, is better," he said. 

He praised Netanyahu for moving forward with a security fence, despite heavy criticism, which ended up greatly reducing the number of attacks by Palestinian suicide bombers.

"Israel is safe when it has security. When it has borders it can protect," said Huckabee, adding that Netanyahu finally stopped "pretending that the Palestinians wanted peace."

Watch his full analysis above, including on the proposed Iran nuclear deal.