Greg Gutfeld tonight sounded off on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's election victory.

He asked: Is Netanyahu’s win good or bad?

“I go by one rule: if it upsets ‘them,’ it must be good,” Gutfeld said. “And by ‘them,’ I mean progressives: media hacks, campus activists, Sean Penn, Obama’s inner circle.”

Gutfeld noted that Secretary of State John Kerry has already congratulated Netanyahu, and added that President Barack Obama “might do so in a few days.”

“What a guy. To him, even Israel’s election is a personal slight against him,” Gutfeld said. “But maybe he doesn’t have Bibi’s number. Iran certainly has Obama’s.”

If Netanyahu had lost, Gutfeld said that the media would have said Obama was vindicated. “The Five” co-host remarked that the press would likely have charged Netanyahu’s speech to Congress with costing him the election.

“Thankfully, Bibi won. And sorry media, it was that speech that helped him win, which is why Obama feared it,” Gutfeld said. “See, among the Bibi-hate on the left and the Bibi-love on the right, there is one thing we can agree on: Bibi played us and won big.”

Watch Gutfeld’s monologue above.

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