Curt Schilling isn't the only one who's fed up with Twitter trolls.

Actress Ashley Judd says she is planning to file police reports against people who attacked her on Twitter, calling her names and threatening her with sexual violence.

After the die-hard Kentucky Wildcats fan posted about a college basketball game, she says she was bombarded with vile, misogynistic tweets.

On "Outnumbered" today, Kennedy noted how companies like eBay and Uber have a rating system that guarantees quality control.

"Twitter needs something like that," she said. "You can already block people and report spam and all that stuff. There are ways of reporting people to Twitter, but they need their own safeguards."

Julie Roginsky said everyone has a right to free speech, but acknowledged that threats of sexual violence are different.

Harris Faulkner pointed out that stalkers and potential aggressors can find celebrities and those in the public eye, so the threats should be taken seriously.

"You can't threaten people online," Andrea Tantaros said. "You cannot threaten their lives or rape or that type of thing. Good for Ashley Judd."

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