Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy faced a fed-up Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) at a House hearing on the embattled agency. 

At the House Appropriations Committee hearing, Chairman Rogers grilled Clancy on his handling of an incident earlier this month in which two agents crashed their government vehicle into a White House security barricade.

The lawmakers were particularly puzzled about how Clancy did not hear about the apparent drunk-driving incident until five days after it happened.

Clancy said he was "frustrated" that he did not hear about the Wednesday, March 4 crash until Monday the 9th. 

“Your actions should be punishment, termination, firing people who have subordinated their command. You can't run an agency like this, or any other agency, unless you have discipline in the ranks. This is a breakdown, to put it mildly, of discipline within the ranks of your agency, and that’s a cancer that can consume you," said Rogers.

The agents had been drinking in downtown Washington earlier in the night, but they were not given a field sobriety test. 

"Who said not to do that?" Rogers asked. 

Clancy said he "could not answer that."

The agents reportedly drove right through an area that had been sealed off after a report of a suspicious package.

Rogers took issue with Clancy repeatedly saying that the Inspector General's office would be fully investigating the incident. 

Rogers called that "hogwash," saying he's disappointed that Clancy had not undertaken his own "vigorous, tough investigation" of why Secret Service agents were apparently drunk on White House grounds.

Clancy took over the troubled agency last October following a string of security breaches, including one in which a man jumped a fence and made it all the way into the White House before he was apprehended.

Watch the full exchange above.