Potential 2016 contender Carly Fiorina slammed Hillary Clinton tonight amid a growing controversy surrounding her use of a private email.

“I think that Hillary Clinton in her core believes this is a partisan issue, the vast right-wing conspiracy, and what she fails to understand is that transparency and trust are a core part of leadership,” Fiorina said. “It’s through transparency that trust is built.”

Fiorina said that Clinton has been acting offended that America is asking questions about her email account during her time at the State Department. But Fiorina noted that this is the same woman who initially blamed the Benghazi attack on a videographer and a demonstration gone wrong. Fiorina asked: why should we trust Clinton now?

“If I am the [Republican] nominee, Benghazi and the ‘email-gate’ and her entire track record will be the issue in the 2016 campaign,” Fiorina pledged.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO said that the GOP needs a conservative who will unify the party and draw a clear contrast between Republican and Democratic values. Fiorina said that the Republican nominee must press likely Democratic nominee Clinton on her track record and accomplishments.

“Titles are not accomplishments,” Fiorina said of Clinton. “I’ve had a lot of titles – they’re just titles, they’re just positions. What counts is what have you done? What have you accomplished? And in particular what have you, Mrs. Clinton, accomplished on behalf of the American people? Have you kept us safer? No. What have you accomplished honestly on behalf of women and girls, which she talks a lot about?”

Fiorina also sounded off on the news that foreign governments have donated to the Clinton Foundation. Fiorina said that she’s offended that Clinton travels to Silicon Valley and lectures tech companies on women’s rights, yet Clinton sees nothing wrong with taking money from the Algerian government, which denies women the most basic rights.

Watch the interview above.

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