State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki today announced that there is no record of Hillary Clinton signing the OF-109 form.

Outgoing State Department employees are reportedly supposed to sign the separation form, which promises under penalty of perjury that the employee has turned over all work-related records.

“We have reviewed Secretary Clinton’s official personnel file and administrative files and do not have any record of her signing the OF-109,” Psaki said today.

Psaki added that there’s no record of Clinton’s immediate predecessors signing the form, either. She said it’s not clear whether the OF-109 form is used as part of a standard checkout from the State Department, and she said officials are looking into that.

“The Kelly File” filed a Freedom of Information Act request Friday, asking whether or not Clinton signed the OF-109 form. Tune in to “The Kelly File” tonight at 9p ET as former Justice Department lawyer Shannen Coffin weighs in on the revelation.

Watch Psaki’s remarks above.