A “Special Report” panel tonight sounded off on the State Department’s confirmation that there’s “no record” of Hillary Clinton signing the OF-109 form before leaving office.

The form asks outgoing employees to certify under penalty of perjury that the employee has turned over all work-related records.

“I mean this is really an elaborate scheme, very obvious, not done for convenience but done to conceal,” Charles Krauthammer said of Clinton’s email controversy.

Krauthammer said that Clinton used a personal email address and private server to prevent the GOP and the public from looking at her emails.

Krauthammer noted that it’s not Clinton’s job to decide which records are private.

George Will cited a Wall Street Journal article, which said that Clinton’s destruction of 30,000 emails could be viewed as “anticipatory obstruction of justice.” Will explained that the article says there’s a reason Richard Nixon didn’t destroy the White House tapes – because it would have been a crime.

NPR’s Mara Liasson noted that three House committees are seeking access to Clinton’s home server to see if they can recreate the missing emails and determine what’s in them.

Liasson said she doesn’t think Clinton’s failure to sign the OF-109 is a big deal because her predecessors didn’t either.

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