Think you've got a problem neighbor? 

Well, in one Charlotte neighborhood, residents say they're fed up with a man who often stands naked in his doorway. 

They say he's been doing this for nearly 10 years without regard for who might be walking by, including children. 

Police have been called to the house many times over the years, but authorities say the man is not breaking the law since he's on his own property.

"It's not good to have people walking around naked like that. A grown man. [There's] all these kids out here, ya know?" said Pecolia Threatt, who lives near the unidentified man.

The homeowners association is reportedly looking into filing a nuisance complaint about the man's constant nudity. Residents also argue the state's indecent exposure law should be changed to cover this behavior.

Watch the report above, plus read more on this story at the Charlotte Observer.

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