As Israeli voters take to the polls today, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a last-minute pledge that if he were elected to a fourth term, he would prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state.

The pledge goes against the Obama administration's goal for the region and raises new questions about a report that the White House supported Netanyahu's opponent, Isaac Herzog.

The administration, which has had a well-documented adversarial relationship with the Israeli leader, allegedly gave an American nonprofit more than $300,000 in taxpayer-funded grants to support their efforts to oust Netanyahu.

Netanyahu was trailing Herzog in the polls, and it is very possible that he could lose his reelection bid.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said on "Fox and Friends" that if the claims in the report are true, it's a "huge, huge issue" that warrants deep investigation.

"I don't know, at least of overtly before, [if] the U.S. government has ever funded an organization that funded a subsidiary whose sole purpose was to overthrow an elected government of an ally, of a friend," Kinzinger said.

Kinzinger said that if Netanyahu loses the election, neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait will be upset, despite their tensions with Israel.

"When Netanyahu came to speak to Congress, the president made a huge deal about the fact that we don't meet with people prior to an election, despite the fact that the president all the time meets with people who never even stand for election. And then to find out that this may be going on is a huge, huge issue."

Watch the "Fox and Friends" clip above.

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