Fox News Insider caught up with Anna Kooiman today ahead of the next stop on "Road Trip." Here's what she told us...

Next stop: Phoenix, Ariz., for MLB spring training! Wanna tag along on my road trip?

I grew up playing all-star softball, so playing baseball with big leaguers was definitely a wicked fun stop as I checked things off my bucket list.

Our team left NYC, set on thawing out and getting some sun. The Cleveland Indians invited us to see how they’re prepping for the upcoming season. In the process, I got to shake hands with some pretty impressive players and coaches. Oh yeah, and go face-to-face with some high heat in the batter's box.

Top shelf utility player Mike Aviles gave me a hitting lesson, complete with his good luck song and dance he likes to do as he winds up before laying the smack down!

My boy "Tito" Terry Francona also offered up some words of wisdom. I may have screamed like a girl as the first few pitches whizzed past me, but after a little arm twisting, I had the pitcher slow the speed a smidgen, and started knocking line drives and pop flies off the diamond and into the outfield!

Watch it all above and keep an eye out for Anna's next "Road Trip" on Fox and Friends.

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