Approximately $1 million U.S. taxpayer dollars went from the CIA to Al Qaeda's pockets, according to a new report.

Former CIA covert operations officer Joshua Katz said on "Fox and Friends" this morning that it is "unconscionable" that one of America's worst enemies got taxpayer dollars.

"The problem is not in this case how the CIA handled the money - they do a great job with protecting national security, doing all of the protocols, following all the laws that are on the books to ensure that this money gets to the right place," Katz said.

"The problem is that when it gets to the right place, how the other side handles it is well outside of our control."

Steve Doocy pointed out that the report reveals that this happened in 2010 to ransom an Afghan diplomat who was captured by Al Qaeda. The terror group demanded and received $5 million from the Afghan government, at least $1 million of which was money the CIA had previously given them.

Katz said what this revelation shows is that the Obama administration's narrative about how Al Qaeda was on its heels and Usama bin Laden had been marginalized was not the truth.

"What I would really implore the administration [to do] now is to be transparent," Katz said. "They've talked about transparency from the onset. Well, let's do that. Let's call out these leaders that we're giving money to."

He asserted that funds that are going to Afghanistan, Pakistan and countries in Africa can end up in the wrong hands.

"We need to call these leaders out on the public stage. Then we need to go one step further, which is stop sending cash. Let's send American goods and services overseas for that aid. We've got to stop sending cash. It's going to just come back and bite us."

Watch more in the "Fox and Friends" clip above.

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