Mike Huckabee was on “The Kelly File” tonight to explain what it could mean for Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is unseated in tomorrow’s election.

The former Arkansas governor explained that Israeli elections are very complicated since there are 11 different parties, so we likely won’t know for sure tomorrow if Netanyahu is defeated.

Huckabee noted that Netanyahu’s primary opponent Isaac Herzog says he trusts President Barack Obama to negotiate a good deal with Iran.

“I would say that the Israelis are going to make a tough decision,” Huckabee said. “If they trust President Obama to properly deal with Iran, then Herzog is their guy. If they don’t think President Obama is anything other than an appeaser, they better vote for Netanyahu.”

Megyn Kelly remarked that Netanyahu has made some strong statements over the past few days. The prime minister has declared that he’s against a two-state solution, and he pledged to expand Jewish settlements if he remains in power.

“It’s a position of realism. There is no real, legitimate, two-state solution to be had,” Huckabee said, calling it a wonderful political concept but “utterly unrealistic.”

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