Charles Krauthammer tonight sounded off on stonewalling surrounding the Hillary Clinton email controversy.

Today, Clinton dodged questions from Fox News’ Ed Henry about whether or not she signed a State Department exit statement, which would have said that she turned over all public information to the government. State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki also told the media that there was no update on whether or not Clinton signed the form.

“It’s the 1990s all over again,” Krauthammer said, explaining that the Clintons stonewalled on every scandal, issue, and embarrassment during that time.

He added, “Why the State Department of Obama would conspire in this is a puzzle […] it’s not in their interest.”

Krauthammer warned that stonewalling won’t work this time. While Krauthammer said the media doesn’t usually like to go after leading Democrats, he said that lawsuits by Judicial Watch and the Associated Press, plus subpoenas from three committees of Congress, will keep this story alive.

“It will keep popping up as these subpoenas and lawsuits go public and get to a crisis between now and Election Day, and that’s why she can’t dodge it,” Krauthammer said of Clinton’s email scandal.

Krauthammer said that he suspects Clinton can’t say she signed the State Department exit statement because then she would be guilty of perjury.

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