There is no answer yet on whether or not Hillary Clinton signed a separation form upon leaving the State Department.

Last week, “The Kelly File” asked the State Department if Clinton signed an OF-109, which all employees must sign before leaving the State Department.  “The Kelly File” did not get an answer.

The following two days, the media posed the question at State Department briefings and were told there was no update.

Friday, “The Kelly File” filed a Freedom of Information Act request, asking whether or not Clinton signed the OF-109. The State Department must respond to the FOIA request within 20 business days.

Judge Andrew Napolitano explained tonight that if Clinton didn’t sign the form, she stole documents from the government. If she did sign the form, Napolitano said she committed perjury.

“This is a potential catastrophe for her,” Napolitano said. “It may even involve Secretary of State Kerry, whose job it is to assure that his predecessor’s documents are there at the State Department.”

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