Indiana could become the first state to install "baby boxes" in public places - a way for parents in crisis to anonymously give up their newborn children. But the bill is facing intense opposition.

Advocates for baby boxes say that the current Safe Haven law in Indiana, which allows mothers to give up their newborns to a person at a hospital or police or fire department without fear of prosecution, can cause anxiety due to face-to-face interaction.

Monica Kelsey, an Indiana firefighter and medic who is working on the proposal, explained, "There are these girls that don't want their faces seen. And we're finding babies abandoned in woods, creeks, dumpsters. Those are the babies that we are targeting with these boxes. Those are the women that need us."

Opponents say that the boxes reinforce shame and may keep mothers from getting medical care and support services. 

Fox 11 reported that the boxes would be climate-controlled, similar to an incubator, and there would be a series of three silent alarms that would notify emergency responders.

Rachel Campos-Duffy said on "Outnumbered" that the system should make it as easy as possible for a newborn child to get care.

Harris Faulkner noted that these boxes are used in other countries, including a dozen European countries, China, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea, and they give desperate parents another Safe Haven option.

"Anything that facilitates getting these babies a proper home," Jedediah Bila said. "As long as they're safe, it's a much better alternative. Initially, when people look at the boxes, there's a little bit of alarm. It looks like a dog carrier in some cases."

"But when you think about babies that are being left out in the open, in the wilderness, in Starbucks, the hope is that the moms will see that there is an option, a safer option, and take that option."

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