Hertz, the rental car company, has installed cameras and microphones in rental cars.

The company has been installing the cameras and microphones within its NeverLost navigational systems in cars, Neil Cavuto reported on "Your World."

They're only in the NeverLost 6 version of the systems that was introduced last year. 

Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on "Your World" citing that it's lawful for Hertz to do this. 

"Well, regrettably it's lawful," Napolitano said. "The Constitution's provisions that would keep the government from doing this to us only restrains the government. They don't restrain a private business." 

He explained that people using the company's cars should put a piece of tape over the camera if they don't want to be recorded by Hertz. 

"Quite frankly, it is none of their business what we look like and what we sound like," he added. "We are free to go elsewhere and we are free to invest in a car rental company that promises not to do this."

"The cameras in NeverLost 6 units aren't functional and cannot be turned on under any circumstances, by either renters or by the company," a statement from Hertz reads. "When we chose the new hardware device for NeverLost 6, we included a camera option in the event that a video conferencing function might be a useful, future application that renters would welcome."

Napolitano said that the company's statement is "ridiculous" and that "it would probably be unlawful to take your eyes off the road for the purposes of a video conference."  

Watch the full interview above. 

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