Fox News military analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) weighed in on "Happening Now" about the military drills taking place in Russia.

President Vladimir Putin ordered 38,000 servicemen, 110 aircraft and more than 50 surface ships and submarines to complete five days of drills to check the readiness the military's ability to deploy additional forces from central Russia. 

Keane noted that training exercises are routine for all militaries, including the U.S., Europe and Russia. 

"I think part of these exercises [is] tied to the actions he's taking in Crimea and Ukraine and the actions we're taking," Keane said. "I think what we're doing is not enough."

Keane asserted that the economic sanctions haven't changed Putin's behavior "one iota."

"If he really is thinking about a redesign of the political order post-Cold War, and he's thinking about involving himself in the Baltics and challenging NATO's very existence, if we accept that that's one of the options, then what we're doing is not enough," Keane stated.

He said that the U.S. should "realign the bases" and "put the air bases and the ground bases further into eastern Europe."

"That'll cost some expense, but it's absolutely worth it in terms of letting Putin know clearly that those countries, those Baltic countries ... matter to us, they are a part of NATO and we're not going to accept any challenge to them," Keane said.

Watch the full "Happening Now" interview above.

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