Did Hillary Clinton sign an exit statement from the State Department which said she turned over all public information to the government?

Fox News’ Ed Henry asked Clinton today if she signed the statement, but she merely waved and said, “Hi everybody, nice to see you.”

“I’m confused,” Bill O’Reilly said tonight. “Why did she not answer Ed’s question?”

“The Factor” host charged the State Department with stonewalling on this topic.

“Everybody knows the State Department is dodging. Why are they doing it?” O’Reilly wondered, comparing Clinton’s email controversy to the Bowe Bergdahl situation.

O’Reilly noted that Clinton either signed the separation agreement or she didn’t. He called the ordeal “insulting to ‘We the People,’” since Americans paid Clinton’s salary and continue to pay State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki’s salary.

“Public officials answer to the folks, only they don't,” O’Reilly said. “I’m teed off here. This game playing at our expense is horrendous.”

Watch O’Reilly’s memo and hear Henry sound off on Clinton in the video above.

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