Drones are being tested to help beach lifeguards with rescuing swimmers who need help in Chile. 

The drones, which are fitted with a float, camera, microphone and speaker, are being tested on the beaches of Algarrobo by the Green Solution company. 

The lifeguards are using the drones to help rescue distressed swimmers.

As a lifeguard swims to the rescue, the drones are being controlled from the beach and can drop a float to swimmers quickly. 

An on-board camera monitors the location of the swimmer, while the speaker and microphone enable lifeguards on the beach to give instructions to the swimmer. 

"If these are used on the beaches of Chile it's going to be a global novelty because there's no record of this being done before," Pablo Fuentes, director of Green Solution, told WTVY

The company is hoping that the drones will be used on the beaches of Chile next summer. 


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