As ISIS rampages across ancient historical sites in Iraq and Syria, they aren't just destroying priceless artifacts, relics and statues.

2,000-year-old antiquities suspected of being plundered by brutal terror group are now appearing on online trading websites such as eBay.

Items such as jewelry, ceramics and coins stolen from museums by Islamic State militants are being passed to gangs and then collectors in the Persian Gulf region. The items then appear for sale online.

Recently, two coins from Apamea, in western Syria, which date back to Ancient Greece have appeared on eBay with price tags of $84 and $134, respectively.

A spokesman for eBay said the company was cooperating with authorities, stating, "We remove items from sale based on their advice, support law enforcement investigations and are always prepared to investigate listings that cause concern."

Looters reportedly look for small items because they are easy to transport.

Watch more in the "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above.

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