On "Media Buzz" today Howard Kurtz and guest David Zurawik reacted to a recent Quinnipiac University poll that found that Fox News is the most trusted operation in television news.

29 percent of people polled answered that Fox News had the most trustworthy news coverage. CNN came in second with 22 percent. NBC and CBS each had 10 percent. ABC had 8 percent. MSNBC came in last with 7 percent.

Kurtz noted that Fox News dominated with Republicans and did poorly with Democrats.

Among registered independent voters, however, 25 percent said Fox News, again leading the field. CNN came in second with 22 percent.

Zurawik, media critic for the Baltimore Sun, pointed out that last month Fox News was the overall number one primetime cable channel, so it has a huge audience.

He added that Fox News is the primary destination for conservative viewers, while the other channels often split the liberal audience.

Why are broadcast networks so low in the polls? Howard Kurtz asked.

Zurawik asserted that they are overcommitted to "money programming" and are unwilling to break into scheduled programs when big events happen.

As for MSNBC's terribly low numbers, Zurawik said, "MSNBC is in chaos. It's an embarrassment."

"People don't watch it. It's unwatchable ... Even if you are an ideologue, you can't watch that channel anymore."

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