With crunch time fast-approaching in the nuclear talks with Iran, can an effective deal be reached in just nine days?

Eric Shawn reported on "Sunday Morning Futures" that the odds of striking an interim agreement seem very uncertain at this point.

"A last-minute push is on in Switzerland to bridge the remaining differences, but it still remains unclear if Iran's Supreme Leader would agree with anything, even if an agreement is reached," Shawn said.

He noted that obstacles that remain include Tehran's blocking of full UN inspections of all of its facilities, plus the timing of the dropping of billions of dollars of Western sanctions against Iran.

"For example, Iran has blocked inspectors from its Parchin military complex, the suspected site of nuclear weapons research," Shawn reported, adding that some U.S. lawmakers say that any deal is better than no deal at all.

Shawn noted recent comments from Secretary of State John Kerry who said, "It may be that Iran simply can't say yes to the type of deal that the international community is looking for. But we owe it to the future of everybody in the world to try to find out."

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