On "Cashin' In" today, Eric Bolling warned viewers about getting sucked into the trap that is being spun by liberal strategists like James Carville that paints the Clintons as victims.

"The Clintons are synonymous with scandal," Bolling said. "Whitewater, Rose Law Firm, trading pork bellies, Travelgate and now the presidential wannabe is up to her political eyeballs in another scandal."

"This email scandal is a big story, folks, with lots of legs. Did she break the law? Was she hacked? Is President Obama complicit? Did Hillary Clinton use the State Department to fill the coffers of the Clinton Foundation? And will those funds find their way into her presidential campaign?"

Bolling asserted that conservatives now have a "golden opportunity."

"Don't blow it for once. Stay smart, stay on topic. No wacky conspiracy theories. There's enough real scandal to go round, you don't need to manufacture any."

Bolling said that Democrats are nervous about backing Hillary, but they have to now.

"The left's focus on the first female president has them on the ropes," he explained. "What they should have put up is the most qualified candidate of any gender or race. That unforced error opens up the field, if you play your cards right, conservatives."

"Your move, Hillary. Then, sit back and enjoy the show. It's gonna be a good one. And I hear it comes with a happy ending."

Watch Bolling's full "Wake Up, America" segment in the clip above.

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