A sheriff in Virginia wanted to display the American flag in his courthouse lobby to honor the veterans, police officers and firefighters who serve our country. But judges in the courthouse said "no" to Old Glory.

Bill Watson, Sheriff of Portsmouth County, said on "Fox and Friends Weekend" that he doesn't understand the reasoning behind the rejection of the flag.

"It was given to me as a gift from the Portsmouth Fire Department, which I think is the greatest fire department in the world," Watson said of the unique flag that's made out of fire hoses. "And, I mean they’re great guys and gals and we’re very close. The Sheriff’s office and the fire department, along with the police department, we all work together."

"And they made this as a gift to us. And I wanted to put it up on the wall as a tribute to all public safety, past and present, and all the veterans that had given their life for our flag."

Watson revealed that they have since moved the flag inside his office area.

"I’m not moving the flag out of that office, I just refuse to do it. And somebody said, 'Are you willing to go to jail for it?' And I said, 'Well, people put their life on the line for that flag, I’m ready to put my life and my career on the line for that flag.'"

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above.

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