After seven years of service, hero police dog "Judge" was forced to retire due to health problems.

Judge lost his battle with Cushing disease last month, but not before he was given he was given an emotional final salute from fellow officers at St. Francis Veterinary Center in New Jersey.

Judge's incredible story inspired the veterinary hospital to start a national fund that will help care for service dogs like Judge in times of need.

Judge's former partner, Corporal Michael Franks, and Mark Magazu, chairman and founder of the Angels for Animals Foundation, appeared on "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning, accompanied by Franks' adorable new four-legged partner, Taser.

Magazu said that the Guardian Angels K9 Fund, which was launched yesterday, provides medical assistance to police, military and service dogs when budgets are strained.

Franks revealed that Judge's medical bills were in excess of $12,000, so the help is very much needed.

"We're asking you guys to think about donating to the fund," Magazu said. "We're here, helping dogs like Taser, should he ever, God forbid, find himself ... injured or getting sick or something like that."

"It's an important fund. These guys, just like our police, their risks are gunshots, kicks, assaults. And those medical bills, like Judge, can get up into the tens of thousands."

Watch the "Fox and Friends Weekend" clip above and learn more about how you can help support heroic service dogs by donating to the Guardian Angels K9 Fund.

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