Brian Kilmeade talked to the Wisconsin cheerleader and basketball players behind one of the most inspiring anti-bullying stories you'll hear about. 

During a recent game, some of the Lincoln Middle School eighth-grade boys stormed off the court and went to the stands to confront some kids who were picking on Desiree Andrews, a cheerleader who has Down syndrome.

"She's one of a kind. You don't see a lot of cheerleaders with Down syndrome. So we took action," said player Harice Hodges.

It's just one example of the way the team, the cheerleaders and the school have rallied behind Desiree.

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Athletic director Tim Nieman said the gym is now going to be called "D's House." The team has also included Desiree in their pregame introductions since last year.

He said he's "extremely proud" of the players and the other cheerleaders for embracing Desiree as they have. 

Many in the Kenosha school's crowd were moved to tears at the team's last home game, amid chants of "Whose House? D's House!"

Miles Rodriguez, one of the players who confronted the bully, said having Desiree around is an inspiration to everyone.

"It gives you a boost of energy. Knowing she's around, you get your school work done faster so you can see her. When you see her, you're like, 'let's just win the game.' She's just there for a boost of energy," said Rodriguez.

Andrews' father has said his daughter wanted to become a cheerleader after being inspired by the TV show “Glee," which features a disabled cheerleader.

Asked by Kilmeade what it was like to see the players support her like that, Desiree called it "cute." 

Watch the full interview with Desiree and the players above.

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