Greg Gutfeld tonight took on Judith Hall, “a professor in being miserable,” who claims in a study that men who smile at women or hold open doors for them are practicing “benevolent sexism.”

Hall writes, “Benevolent sexism is like a wolf in sheep's clothing that perpetuates support for gender inequality among women.”

Gutfeld said that Hall’s work “brands an essential engine of civil society – good manners – as oppression.” This comes at a time when Gutfeld said we could all use more niceness in our lives.

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“The Five” co-host referenced a video from a McDonald’s that shows a group of girls beating up another girl while men look on.

“Maybe it’s me, but vicious, violent girls freak me out more than a smiling male,” Gutfeld said. “But in the world that conjures up benevolent sexism, that brutality might be a victory because when girls start acting like boys, and boys stand by and cheer, that's progress."

Watch the monologue and hear what the co-hosts of “The Five” had to say in the video above.